free-standing decks

Villa Catani

Enjoy  Crete in Style

Paths and Ramps

How do parts connnect

There are no inside stairs from the main floor to the ground floor. But, one can go round the house on both directions either using ramps or through a corridor with 8 steps that connects the BBQ area with the ground floor’s main door.

It’s complicate to explain but self-evident and beautiful, once here!

Main Entrance

A stome build ramp leads to the entrace on the main floor

South side

To the left of the entrance the cement ramp  leads to the pool and the ground floor's studio with kitchenette.

Aerial view

The meandring paths connect the differnt parts of the house. 

Ramps around the tower

The ramp shown connects the BBQ with the terrace outside the kitchen and continues its slope for half the corridor, till the 8 steps and the entrance to ground floor's the central door.

BBQ area

The BBQ is at the northest part of the house. There is a big BBQ and a traditional oven. Kostas is (slowly) becoming good at cooking there. He can give you some useful tips if you want to give it a try!

Kitchen terrace

In front of the kitchen there is a wooden table that can seat up 10 -12 persons. Larger groups can add the extra table that can be seen at the left. 

The red arrow points at the BBQ area, seen from the side.

Main Floor's Deck

The tower forms two decks. The upper one is the group's relaxing area. The main floor's deck is perfect fo dinne al fresco!