free-standing decks

Villa Catani

Enjoy  Crete in Style


Here you'll find special features that can provide you and your group choices on how to enjoy to the fullest your time together.

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Unique features: Upper Deck

The siiting area at the upper deck will give you and your friends and family an opportunity to relax together, chat or play games


Sleep one night outdoors!

Alter the use of a space and have an authentique experience you'll always remember.

Choose a mild night and turn the upper deck sitting area to a sleeping one. 

Use the cushions, pillows, rugs, candles, etc. that you'll find at the storage space and "treasures trunk" that has accumulated along the years.


Oriental Relaxing by the Pool!

Simple palette units to relax at the pool's veranda. 

Four 120 x 80 cm units that can be moved and

placed either separetely, or form a large 240x160 cm platform and a U-shape like in the photo.  


Open Air Cinema

Roll-down Screen by the pool 

When the day is over you can turn the siiting by the pool to an open air cinema.

  • Rent or download a film
  • Roll down the screen,
  • Bring out the projector and the speakers
  • Plug them at your laptop and you are set! 

Or have an outdoor videogame experience on the big screen!


Shaded Movable Kids' pool

The shallow part of the 12x 3,5 m pool is leveled at 60cm depth and a straight aluminium rail can been added to separate it from the rest of the pool, to protect small children.

The rail can be removed if not needed.


This part is shaded by a reed roof that offers sun protection during midday, when the sun is to be avoided. Yet, it is sunny in the morning and afternoon, as seen at the photo,

Relax in a Hammock!

Life is not fair! 

One is sweating at the BBQ, while the others chat, relaxed in the hammocks!

Take the opportunity to have a siesta! 

There are plenty of places to tie your hammock.  

You can stay close to the house or relax futher away, alone or in company.

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Have Breakfast in Bed

Give the "cook" a rest by having someone else prepare and serve a breakfast in bed!

Orders should be taken the nigth before regarding what to serve, choice of beverage, cups and cutlery!


Prepare and share a meal

Villa Catani is not equipped just as a "holiday" house. 

You'll find all tools and appliances needed to prepare a nice diner.

During the off season, we have friends coming almost every other weekend to share a traditional "Greek Sunday" meal. So we always add more to it. 

But if you spot something missing, while here, we'll do our best to provide it!

Cook Outdoors

You can use the traditional oven or the build BBQ to prepare and share a lovely meal with the members of your group.

Kostas, our family's cook!, can share tips and show you how to heat and cook with the traditional oven.


Dine al Fresco!

Dining tables at the best spots allow you to choose where you will have your next meal!  

Set your table by the pool - on the deck or on the terrace, using different cutlery, tablecloths or sous-plats, lights or candles to create a happy mood. 

Enjoy your breakfast, meal or diner outdoors, and stay in the sun or in the shade - according to your wishes. That's a choice of importance when you stay at a place that enjoys such a lovely climate and so much sunshine.   


Beautiful Close - by Sandy Beaches

Our villa is about 20' walking from some of the best sandy beaches in Crete! 

The importance of staying close to many lovely beaches is that on can always find some that are calm even in a rare windy day.

Just when you reach the sea is Porto Kalamaki, a tiny harbor that protects a few fishermen's dinghies with a 30 m beach that's a mixture of sand with pebbles.

On both sides - east and west lies many sandy beaches that each has it character and are worth visiting.

At the photo you can see Panorama hotel (a landamark useful when taking a bus or a taxi). On the left, after Kalamaki harbor, it's Kalamaki resort with its tiny island, then Agii Apostoli and in the distance it's Chania town.

To the west lay Stalos,Agia Marina, Platanias ...  long sandy beaches, waterfront resorts with many Kiosks, clubs, watersports that offer lunch and kitchen variety. 

Kalamaki resort

At the photo you can see Kalamaki resort, where you can have a couple of sunbeds and an umbrella for free and pay just for your refreshment. 

There is one tiny and a long sandy beach that stretches till Agii Apostoli.

At Kalamaki and Agii Apostoli you will find cantines, seaside tavernas, a really nice restaurant (called Edem), clubs, mini markets etc 

Walking to the beaches is easier though than coming back, as the return is uphill. 

Along the seaside there is a sidewalk and you can also walk to Kalamaki beach resort by a short route that we will show you when here.

Access to Kalamaki tiny beach by Irida Tavern.

Parking is free for its costumers.


Agii Apostoli - natural beauty and sports

Agii Apostoli is a small church on a hill, and its name is given to the whole area ith the gift of three ovely sandy beaches.

Here you will find also a beach - volley club, an enclosed area for beach tennis (rackets).

Opposite the hill is a fine park, where you can go jogging in the shade of pine and eucalyptus trees.

There is also a children's playground. 

At the end of the park there is a Five a Side soccer field that you can book for a friendly game, and a few meters off the main road there is also a tennis club, that you can book in advance.