free-standing decks

Villa Catani

Enjoy  Crete in Style


Standing on its own hectare of olive groves not only blends in, it enhances the area’s character.

With its 6 bedrooms - 5 bathrooms it can sleep comfortably up to 12 adults / 10 adults + 5 children.

The 3,5 x 12 m pool and the table-tennis will keep the more energetic happily occupied, while the others can lay back till the special, relaxing atmosphere of the place and the sun restore their energy. 

Making the most of it!

Making the most of your precious time together! 

Alter the use of a space: Hang out at the upper deck or Enjoy the night by sleeping outdoors. Use the cushions, pillows, rugs, candles, etc. that we provide you. 

Artistic flavor

Original works of art, either from the owners’ collection or created by Katerina Tsempeli and many family antiques make this self-catering accommodation stand out.  

If you love art the owners will provide inside info for upcoming exhibitions and help you arrange studios visits to meet local artists.

Reed Shaded Roof  

Mediterrainnean sun is quite hot in the summer, especially during midday. Villa catani offers a reed shaded roof that covers 1/4 of the pool and a sitting area.